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Pakkend en Doeltreffend Presenteren

Wat zeggen andere over de training?

Dennis de Beer - Mastervolt:
"Zeer professionele en doelgerichte aanpak.
Er wordt goed gecoacht en getraind met de dagelijkse praktijk in acht name.
Wij hebben de resultaten van onze presentatie training meteen kunnen ervaren aan de hand van presentatie's en training aan ons internationale dealer netwerk.
Mede door de trainingen hebben wij een succesvolle beurs kunnen neerzetten." 28 november 2014.

Barry Oorbeek - Mastervolt (deelnemer):
"Last week I followed the presentation training from Pascale at 100% Training & Coaching..
Well, it 100% exceeded my expectations.
I really got the tools to deliver great presentations.
Especially the use of Analogies and the call for action was a mindblowing experience.
Thank you for this great course Pascale!" October 30, 2014,

Douwke - Mastervolt (deelnemer):
"Two days of training to deliver amazing presentations. And we did! Me and my colleagues now manage to get the main message across, keep the audience inspired and stay relaxed in front of a group. Two days was enough to cause a major switch in the way we present, not only in our presentations, but also in our overall communications like advertisements and press releases. A good investment!" October 30, 2014,

Bert Jansen Mastervolt (opdrachtgever):
"Pascale brings a lot of relevant experience to the table and she is able to train and coach people at multiple levels wihtin organisations. For Mastervolt she did several coaching projects, a sales training and a presentation skills training. All at or above our expectation level. With her strong opinion she is able to work with management enabling 360 degree view onon situations." November 27, 2014

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