Wat zeggen anderen over Pascale als Trainer?

“Working with Pascale is very profitable. She is always alert and direct focused. Can relay find main issues without passing the side issues. Can trigger people to give a little bit more than there maximum. Very pleasant working with. High professional. Human, Intelligent and honest.”
Pascale's top qualities are : Great Results, High Integrity, Creative.
Hans Knol

“I enjoyed the 7 days management training given by Pascale. She did a marvellous job by training the 12 participant by group but also with personal detailed feedback.”
Pascale’s top qualities are: Great Results, Expert, Creative.
Cor Jan Baltus

“Pascale is a very sophisticated trainer, who's able to motivate all parts of the group. Through repetition and knowledge of the group (7 different days) she ensures maximum learning and handling capabilities, as if you never acted otherwise.”
Pascale’s top qualities are: Personable, High Integrity, Creative.
Jeroen De Boer

"Zeer professionele en doelgerichte aanpak. Er wordt goed gecoacht en getraind met de dagelijkse praktijk in acht name. Wij hebben de resultaten van onze presentatie training meteen kunnen ervaren aan de hand van presentatie's en training aan ons internationale dealer netwerk. Mede door de trainingen hebben wij een succesvolle beurs kunnen neerzetten."
Dennis de Beer - Mastervolt

“Pascale has the capabilitiy to change the behaviour instead of learning a trick. She is very punctual, flexible in her approach to the group and always willing to learn from this group.
Pascale’s top qualities are: Personable, Expert, On Time.
Dick Mulder

"Pascale brings a lot of relevant experience to the table and she is able to train and coach people at multiple levels wihtin organisations. For Mastervolt she did several coaching projects, a sales training and a presentation skills training. All at or above our expectation level. With her strong opinion she is able to work with management enabling 360 degree view on situations."
Bert Jansen - Mastervolt

“I really enjoyed my 5 day (spread over 6 months) Account Management training (trainer: Pascale). I commend her for the hands-on and above all pragmatic approach she showed during these 5 days, which has definitely resulted in me bettering myself as an Account Manager. If you are looking for a trainer that challenges you, never hesitate to contact Pascale.”
Pascale’s top qualities are: Great Results, Personable, Expert.
Harry Berman

Last week I followed the presentation training from Pascale at 100% Training & Coaching.. Well, it 100% exceeded my expectations. I really got the tools to deliver great presentations. Especially the use of Analogies and the call for action was a mindblowing experience. Thank you for this great course Pascale!
Barry Oorbeek - Mastervolt

“Highly enthousiastic and sympathetic trainer. Very challenging at times. Pascalle made me realise quite some aspects of my own behaviour; this has helped me in my daily management practice.”
Pascale’s top qualities are: Personable, On Time, High Integrity.
Ruben Dehouck

“I was given a 7 days management trainig by Pascale. Her knowledge, devotion and enthousiasm has helped me gaining the results that I was looking for.”
Pascale’s top qualities are: Great Results, Personable, Expert.
Ronald Raben

“Pascale is a good management trainer who knows how to involve every trainee into the subject in a pleasent way.”
Pascale's top qualities: Personable, Good Value, On Time.

Dennis Oosterhuis

“Pascale is a young professional management trainer that obtains her pride in making a behavioral change in people happen. Creating awareness and giving valuable tools to aid your personal behavioral change. I have enjoyed her Krauthammer training sessions. It definitely help me to become more aware of my behavior and adapted tools to improve my skills as a manager. Well done!”
Pascale’s top qualities are: Good Value, On Time, High Integrity.
Han Van Gils

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